Employment—If you are thinking you would like to work with us at Silly’s, the application process is a little unconventional.  It is a plain white paper plate that we give you.  You can be as creative with it as you like but please include your name, the position you are applying for, email addy, phone number, the date and drop it off at the front. 

To name a few of the application highlights……I have received a pinata, a jewelry box, a planter filled with pansies, knitted/drawn/painted/pasteled/chalked/waxed food/markered/glued with gold macaroni applications and I have also received some kick butt vegan baked goods. 

A particular favorite was Nik’s who is now baking full-time at his own business of the 13thcookie—  

Silly’s looks forward to seeing you soon!

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