Silly’s Home & History

Silly’s is now closed Mondays and Tuesdays…..also
We are closed from 9/7/2015-9/22/15….see you on Wednesday the 23rd.  Silly’s needs a serious electrical upgrade this year and it will take 2 weeks.   Plus twist needs to be painted, the decks needs painting, we are cutting through the bar and changing seating and décor in Silly’s so all this takes time.  Thank you for a wonderful summer and we look forward to a spectacular fall!
Folks….sometimes our food takes a bit longer than it should and that is because…….

Silly’s doesn’t buy food….We make it!
We do not take reservations and we don’t seat large parties till the whole party is here as we don’t save tables and have limited large party capabilities.   Sorry about that…..
  • We have a dedicated gluten free fryer
  • We have a dedicated vegan fryer
  • All the dressings, sauces, dips, spreads, marinades, chilis, breadings, gravies, bread, cookies, pies and cakes are made at Silly’s according to Colleen’s recipes downstairs in the prep kitchen so if you have allergies, sensitivities, diet restrictions or just want to know what is in the food email Colleen at to find out.  The only thing we don’t make is the tortillas.

Silly’s buys & supports local maine family owned business’ plus we recycle big time!!

  • If what is on the menu is not outlined below as purchased it is because we make everything else except the tortillas which we buy.
  • Our tee shirts and hats come from East Side Screen Printing down the street.
  • Our coffee comes from Coffee by design across the street.
  • Our laundry is done by the wonderful staff at Squeaky Clean down the street.
  • Our bumper stickers come from Dale Rand Printing down the street.
  • Our silly’s tea blend comes from Sarah at Homegrown tea shop around the corner on Congress
  • Our produce comes from Native Maine
  • Our website is maintained by Dave Cousins.
  • Our payroll and bookkeeping services are done by Debbie Wentworth in Gray.
  • Our Mead tea comes from Maine Mead Works across the street
  • We have Cold river liquors
  • We have kombucha and cider frorm Urban Farm fermentory
  • We feature many Maine Beers from oxbow, rising tide, Peak organic, Geary’s and Allagash to name a few.
  • Our wine and beer comes from SoPo Wine Company, National Distrubutors, Nappi distributors, Mariner Beverage & Craft
  • We feature Maine Root soda
  • Our ice cream is Landmark vanilla made in Skowhegan and comes from Surewinner foods in Biddeford.
  • Our checks come from EiPrinting out on Riverside
  • Our phone and internet service is through GWI in Biddeford.
  • Our insurance is through Clark insurance.
  • Our bank is Gorham Savings Bank.
  • We use Associated buyers, United Foods, NorthCenter, U.s. foods, Pine tree paper and Micucci for products
  • Our bottles go to Clynk
  • Our used fryolator oil goes to Maine Bio Fuels to power bio-diesel cars.
  • All of our cardboard, tin cans, glass and paper is recycled by EcoMaine
  • We use Command Pest
  • We underwrite MPBN
  • We underwrite WMPG
  • We are members of Portland Dine Around
  • We are members of Portland Buy Local