Silly’s Home & History

Silly’s is a first come first serve restaurant….We do not accept reservations at all, for any reason, honestly, I am not putting you on, I swear……


——Scroll down for Brunch MENU (served 9-2 Saturday & Sunday only)
(email Colleen at if you need further info….:)

Gravy Danger  French fries with house made gravy-Gf, lots of bacon, melted cheese &   scallions

The Basilica ~V~  Fresh mozzarella cheese slices, fresh tomatoes topped with basil,         balsamic glaze & kosher salt served with char-grilled toast

Greek Salad  ~V~ Spinach, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, onion, feta cheese, Greek olives &   roasted red peppers served with balsamic dressing         (v) sub vegan “feta”

Chip Addiction*  ~V~ Dill pickle chips fried in spicy breading with spicy sauce-

Make it vegan

Live and Let Fry **   ~V~ French fries tossed in buffalo sauce with bleu Cheese Sauce

Sweet Potato Fries   ~V~ Hand cut served with honey mustard sauce

Pity the Fu**    (v) Fried tofu tossed in Buffalo sauce with spicy vegan dip

*** All sandwiches and wraps come with choice of Hand cut French fries, Herbed red beans & brown rice or Coleslaw….can sub sweets for +2

Owner of a Bacon Heart  Mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion & an obscene amount of bacon

*Chicken against the Machine  Mayo,     lettuce, tomato, onion & sautéed spicy mango jerk chicken

*Greatest American Gyro  Cuke dill sauce, lettuce, spinach, tomato, onion, feta & lamb/pork sausage

*Chix Magnet  Lettuce, spinach, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese, Hot sauce, BBQ sauce, bleu cheese sauce & garlic fried chicken

*The Diesel  Tangy coleslaw, American cheese, BBQ sauced smoked pork & pickles

*Disco Chicken Miso ginger garlic sauce, cold cabbage mix, lettuce, onion, broccoli,

peppers & sauteed chicken (v) sub fried tofu

SlyGuy  ~V~ Kale pumpkin seed roasted garlic white bean hummus, lettuce, spinach, tomato, onion, roasted red peppers, Greek   olives, feta & fried falafel   (v) sub vegan feta

Falafel Attraction  ~V~ Lettuce, spinach, tomato, onions, pickles, cucumber dill sauce & fried falafel (v) sub spicy vegan +.50

*Cheeseburger  A hamburger with lettuce, tomato,   onion & pickles with your choice of   cheddar or American

*Bleu Swayed ‘Cue  A hamburger with pickles, cheddar, bbq sauce, bacon, caramelized onions & bleu sauce^^

*Greek Havoc*  Lamb/pork burger with     spinach, tomato, onion, cuke dill sauce, roasted red       peppers, Greek olives & feta cheese

Havana Cubanawich  Smoked BBQ pork, tangy mustard sauce, cheddar cheese, pickles & griddled ham slices pressed & griddled till gooey

Vegan Meltaway (v)  A vegan grilled cheese       featuring tomatoes & caramelized onions—sub cheddar

Veggie Burger* (v)  A griddled veggie burger (quinoa/black bean/seeds/chipotle) with lettuce,     tomato, onion & pickles

WeeBee Jammin*  Gf A plate filled with brown rice topped with herbed red beans, coleslaw,       zucchini relish & your choice of sautéed spicy mango jerk seasoned sauteed chicken or baked fish

*Slop Bucket  BBQ smoked pork, brown rice, herbed beans, cheese & tangy coleslaw layered in a bowl with pickle chips around the rim – It’s hot & cold!!

*Fish & Chips  Lightly floured haddock served with Silly’s own tartar sauce, French fries & coleslaw

*Pollitos & Fritas  Garlic fried hand cut strips of chicken breast with fries

*Good Will Fishing  Gf Hard shelled corn tortillas filled with seasoned citrus butter baked fish,     cabbage, basil sauce & peppers topped with jalapenos, scallions, cilantro, mandarin oranges & lime   wedges

*The Empire Strikes Mac**  Your choice of BBQ smoked pork, BBQ sauteed chicken or buffalo tofu   ~V~ served with pickled zucchini relish & spicy buffalo sauced mac & cheese

Imperial Thai Fighter  Gf Sautéed chicken, spinach, mushrooms, onions, peppers & broccoli in a miso ginger garlic sauce over brown rice topped with scallions & sesame seeds   (v) sub fried tofu

KaaNoodling*  Gf Peanut butter ginger scallion garlic sauce, rice noodles and sautéed chicken

or (v) broccoli or (v) fried tofu topped with fresh cilantro

Vegan Strikes Mac  (v) Buffalo fried tofu, zucchini relish & vegan mac & “cheese” (sunflower seed & nutritional yeast based)

Vegan WeeBee* (v) Brown rice, herbed red beans, spicy jerk seasoned fried tofu & zucchini relish

Sassy Salads…

FalSal 14 ~V~ A seven inch griddled pancake of falafel topped with a cold salad of spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, Greek olives, roasted red peppers, feta & scallions –cucumber dill dressing       (v) sub vegan feta with balsamic dressing

Thai One On 14 (v) Spinach, lettuce & peppers with cabbage, broccoli & fried tofu tossed in miso ginger sauce & mandarin oranges, scallions & sesame seeds on top

(v)=vegan  ~V~ =vegetarian  GF=gluten free

~All ingredients may not be listed so speak up if you have allergies to anything please…..

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase our risk of foodborne illness



Brunchy Stuff…. available 9-2 Saturday and sunday

Little dippers  Fried biscuit nuggets in cinnamon/sugar with cream cheese spread…..can be vegan

*Monster Hash  -Char-grilled Silly’s bread piled high with spinach, pickled red onions, Silly’s own corned pork hash, sunny side eggs & hollandaise sauce served open faced –home fries

*EggCeption  –Two eggs any style with your choice of ham, maple sausage, bacon, fried buffalo tofu or tempeh sausage, biscuit with cranberry honey butter -–home fries

*Piggy Went to Market  Gf Silly’s own corned pork hash topped with sautéed spinach & 3 sunny side eggs

*Sunshine Toast  -French toast with the middles cut out & filled with fried eggs (these eggs are not customizable-no exceptions) topped with cheddar cheese & bacon –home fries

*SillyToast  – Silly’s potato bread served “French toast style” & topped with warm mixed berries, whipped cream & salted almond

*Stuffed SillyToast  -Silly’s potato bread served “French toast style” stuffed with cream cheese filling topped with warm mixed berries, whipped cream & salted almonds 

*1 Foot in the Gravy  -Home fries topped with chicken gravy, bacon, cheese, 3 sunny side eggs & scallions

*Holla-Daised & Confused  -Char-grilled toast rounds topped with smoky ham slices or cold spinach & tomato, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce — home fries

*KickinChicken  -A Silly made biscuit topped with garlic fried chicken, chorizo sausage gravy & two sunny side eggs –home fries

*What The Shell Is That!  Char-grilled bread stacked with purple cream cheese, maple sausage, over easy eggs, American cheese, caramelized onions, pickles & mayo –home fries

*Egganator Omelet  BBQ smoked pork, cheese & fresh tomato topped with jalapenos & scallions –home fries

*Break an Egg Burrito  -Sautéed spinach, veggies, pork/lamb sausage, scrambled eggs, hot sauce & cheese -sour cream

*Put me in the Game Poach!  Gf ~V~ Two poached eggs on sautéed spinach topped with roasted garlic white bean kale pumpkin seed sauce, feta cheese & pumpkin seeds– home fries

Hashpipe Burrito  (v) -Veggie burger, tofu, veggies, potatoes, vegan cheese & spicy sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla –jalapenos on the side

The Veganator Scramble  (v) –Tofu with lots of spice, spinach & veggies sautéed in spicy sauce –home fries

Lunch Stuff for brunch time….

Chip Addiction*  ~V~ Dill pickle chips fried in spicy breading with spicy sauce   Make it vegan +.50

Live and Let Fry **  ~V~ Buffalo French fries- bleu Cheese

Sweet Potato Fries  ~V~ -honey mustard ­

Pity the Fu  (v) Fried buffalo tofu-spicy vegan

*Greatest American Gyro  Cuke dill sauce, lettuce, spinach, tomato, onion, feta & spicy lamb/pork sausage in a wrap

*Chix Magnet  Lettuce, spinach, tomato, onion, cheese, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, bleu cheese sauce & garlic fried chicken in a wrap

*The Diesel  Tangy coleslaw, American cheese, BBQ sauced smoked pork & pickles in a wrap

Falafel Attraction  ~V~ Lettuce, spinach, tomato, onions, pickles, cucumber dill & fried falafel in a wrap   (v) Make it vegan +.50

*Fish & Chips  Lightly floured haddock served with Silly’s own tartar sauce, French fries & coleslaw

*Pollitos & Fritas  Garlic fried hand cut strips of chicken breast with fries

*Bleu Swayed ‘Cue  A hamburger with pickles, bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar, bbq & bleu sauce

*Cheeseburger  A hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles with your choice of cheddar or American

Veggie Burger (v)  A griddled veggie burger (quinoa/black bean/seeds/chipotle peppers) with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle

Wraps & Sandwiches–Are served with your choice of , French fries, home fries or coleslaw—- sub sweets +2

++++++     If a menu item says veggies, it is mushrooms, onions & peppers. They are freshly sautéed in the morning & already mixed so please order it without veggies if you are allergic or don’t like one of them as these items are NOT customizable….Thank you.

Home fries are red potatoes…

~V~ Vegetarian   (v) vegan   GF -Gluten Free

Keep in mind we are not hermetically sealed if you are gluten free

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of foodborne illness. All ingredients are not listed on the menu so save your life and inform us of any allergies 


Dear Silly’s fans and friends,
I wanted everyone to know where I stand with the minimum wage hike and business in general as I have
spoken to a reporter about this and felt compelled to share.
I believe the minimum wage should go up.
However it can’t be one train of thought for everyone for obvious reasons, but here they are for a
I believe….
 There should be a training wage because it costs approximately 1600.00 to train someone and it
can cripple a business.
 There should be a wage for students/working papers/teenagers
 There should be a wage for tipped out support people. Meaning if you are a bus person then a
set wage and the server tips you out.
 I don’t believe the tipped peoples wage should go up….for the simple reason if they don’t
declare enough tips to make it to minimum wage then I am required by law to pay them
minimum wage.
 I did start closing tuesdays in reaction to the minimum wage hike and I did it last year because
the hike was going to go into effect in january.
 I needed to stock pile money early for the winter so I can stay in business. Last year we got
pummeled with snow storms, so I have to be very careful because I don’t believe in cutting
hours or laying off.
 The upside of closing 2 days has been that as an owner I am not so overwhelmed, tired and
inaccessible with a smaller staff to manage. The staff seems less stressed, have 2 days off in a
row and seem more family like……I would hope you as customers would want that for us and
forgive the 2 days closed
 About the money loss of tuesdays….You don’t get in the restaurant business to get rich, you do
it because you love it. Because of the amazingly positive reasons listed above it balances out in
my mind.
 The minimum wage hike did cut out all the support jobs meaning food runners, bussers, bar
backs & milkshake jobs. I now have to think very hard about hiring anyone without experience.
It cut approximately 15+ jobs and with that compromised service more than I would like to see
because servers are at times overwhelmed.  So I now need to cut the menu, cut milkshake
choices and fancy coffee drink choices because they tie up the server too long and people get
mad.  Breaks my heart but I can’t have my cake, eat it too, lick the bowl and the beaters if you
get my meaning.
 Payroll is directly related to workmans comp insurance so it makes sense to keep it as low as
you can…especially when your bill is 13000.00 a year as it is.
 The increase isn’t a pure number… owners have to match social security and fica so
10.10 is more like 12.00 (I haven’t calculated it exactly) for the business owner….which I don’t
think a lot of people realize.
 When thinking about how the statewide 12.00 hike would affect state businesses I am going to
confess I really don’t know as I only know business in Portland and am not going to speculate
what will happen to a lot of business’…..I do fear for service in general constantly.
It takes a lot of people to have a restaurant that makes their own food but then again why would
anyone be in this business if they don’t want to make their own food.  Yes, I buy canned pineapple,
canned jalapenos & a frozen avocado product because you can’t keep prices reasonable with a plethora
of high end perishable foods.  I have to pick and choose…I choose all the veggies to be fresh, meats &
seafood.  I am fine with canned pineapple.
We make everything here at Silly’s but the tortillas, ketchup, mustard & mayo (I am forgetting
something I am sure) and if this ever forces me to go to buying bagged French fries instead of cutting
them fresh in order to make payroll….. that is the time I will close Silly’s and get out of the business.
My goal as a restaurant owner is to be able to serve fresh food made here for a reasonable price, give a
reasonable portion and work with amazing people.  I am hoping I am a smart enough business person to
pull this off for years to come, but time will tell.  I don’t have any partners or investors that can bail me
out if I get in trouble which is fine with me because if I fail I only have myself to blame.
It is a lot to absorb…I know as this is the stuff that keeps me up at night.  But thats O.K. because I love
what I do.  If anyone wants to discuss this further and add some information perhaps that I am unaware
of or missing please email me at  I welcome new information be it good or
unsavory. Thank you for your time and thank you for liking Silly’s.  I really appreciate it.
Colleen Kelley, owner


  • Silly’s is in two 100 year old buildings so it is small and cozy. please keep that in mind. Enter up the ramp and go left that is where the host station is.
  • Silly’s is closed Mondays and Tuesdays…Silly’s is closed labor day week
  • Sometimes our food takes a bit longer than it should and that is because…….Silly’s doesn’t buy food….We make it! So be patient. If you are in a hurry try us some other time please.
  • We don’t have room for Cadillac sized baby carriages so please take that into consideration when planning a visit because we don’t want to disappoint you and tell you it isn’t going to fit in the restaurant.
  • We seat according to the party size because we are small and only have so many tables to accommodate different size parties so you may see someone sat before you because we won’t sit two people at a table that seats five.
    We do not take reservations or save tables for anyone for any reason it is first come first serve
  • If we are on a wait we will seat your party when your whole party is here.
  • Bring a lock for anything like a bike, baby carriage etc. as we don’t allow them on the ramp or patio area



  • Silly’s buys & supports local maine  owned business!!
  • If what is on the menu is not outlined below as purchased it is because we make everything else except the tortillas, ketchup, mayo, mustard etc. which we buy.
  • Our tee shirts and hats come from East Side Screen Printing down the street.
  • Our coffee comes from Coffee by design
  • Our laundry is done by the wonderful staff at Squeaky Clean down the street.
  • Our website is maintained by Dave Cousins.
  • Our payroll and bookkeeping services are done by Debbie Wentworth.
  • Our Mead tea comes from Maine Mead Works across the street
  • We have Hardshore gin from across the street
  • We have Cold river liquors, Maine craft distilling, Sebago Lake distillery, Stroudwater distillery tree spirits, new England distillery, 22 vodka
  • We have kombucha and cider from Urban Farm fermentory
  • We feature many Maine Beers from oxbow, rising tide, Geary’s and Allagash, Bangor Brewing, Foundation, Banded, Gritty’s,  to name a few.
  • Our wine and beer comes from SoPo Wine Company, National Distrubutors, Nappi distributors, Mariner Beverage & Craft
  • Our ice cream is Landmark vanilla made in Skowhegan
  • Our checks come from EiPrinting out on Riverside
  • Our phone and internet service is through GWI in Biddeford.
  • Our insurance is through Clark insurance.
  • Our bank is Gorham Savings Bank.
  • We use Associated buyers, United Foods, North Center, U.s. foods, Gordon foods, Pine tree paper and for products
  • Our bottles go to Clynk
  • Our used fryolator oil goes to Maine Bio Fuels to power bio-diesel cars.
  • All of our cardboard, tin cans, glass and paper is recycled by EcoMaine
  • We use Command Pest